3 Aug 2022 VITAC

VITAC ebook: ‘Getting in the Game: Captions for Live Sports and Events’

We get it. It’s great to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite team from the comfort of your living room (the refreshments are a lot less expensive, that’s for sure!), but there’s just something about the experience of making it to the stadium in person and cheering with other fans that can’t be beat.

And it’s important that that live, in-person thrill and excitement is one that all fans can enjoy.

Captions make sporting events, concerts, conferences, and theater performances accessible for everyone, especially the 1 in 5 Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing. By captioning song lyrics, stadium announcements, dialogue, or player and scoring information, fans never have to miss a second of action.

Increasingly fans of all kinds, not just sports fans, have shown a preference for venues that prioritize accessibility. Recent research has shown that people are 31% more likely to attend a live event if they know it will have captions. And as venues are returning to hosting capacity crowds, that’s a tactical advantage no good team would let go to waste.

VITAC’s new ebook, “Getting in the Game: Captions for Live Sports and Events,” will help you decide on the best way to offer captions in your venue. While making your event accessible isn’t difficult, knowing what options will work for your specific stadium, arena, or event center means knowing what goes into providing accessibility for all.

Topics include:

  • How stadium captioning works
  • What information is captioned at events
  • How captions bring the action to all fans and provides and inclusive experience
  • The perks of working with a professional captioning provider

Download our free ebook here.