23 Aug 2013 VITAC

VITAC Captions YouTube! (Say THAT 10 Times Fast)

Did you know that VITAC captions YouTube? We do. Getting a YouTube video captioned is a good idea for anyone who wishes to make their content accessible, searchable and clear. Here’s how:

Accessible: Captions connect over 50 million deaf and hard-of-hearing Americans to your video.

Searchable: Did you know your captions can be searched through Google and other search engines? What better way to make your weekly YouTube address available to the web-surfing nation?

Clear: Captions put definitive text to your hard-to-understand audio. VITAC’s Captioners are trained to deal with poor-quality audio, and are determined to get it right.

So, let’s banish those automatic YouTube captions and do it right. Visit our Caption YouTube page or call 800-278-4822 for a rate quote.