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VITAC Announces Participation in the YouTube Ready Caption Qualification Program

Pittsburgh-based captioning company jokes to help the giant reach even broader audiences

Canonsburg, PA July 1, 2010 — Pittsburgh-based VITAC announced today its participation in the YouTube Ready Caption Qualification Program, which aims to make YouTube video content more accessible. VITAC has produced the first of several in a series of humorous videos that are reminiscent of the hit NBC show “The Office,” featuring VITAC employees from around the country attempting a variety of tongue twisters.

VITAC, the nation’s leading closed captioning and accessible media company, has qualified as a YouTube Ready vendor. “The message of accessibility is very important, but we also wanted the vehicle to be entertaining,”said Pat Prozzi, President of VITAC.

Captioning allows producers of YouTube videos to get their message to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing and makes it clearer to hearing audiences. Captions also enhance SEO — the ability of search engines to find video content on the Internet. The YouTube Ready program, administered by the Described and Captioned Media Program, approve captioning companies based on strict quality and style requirements.

“VITAC traditionally works with large networks and major TV producers,” said Heather York, Director of Marketing. “But we developed a simple solution for YouTube videos that incorporates an easy and automated file upload and payment via PayPal — all with 100% accurate captions.”

Upper Cut Studios, a Pittsburgh-based production company, worked with VITAC to create the video. “We shot it with an eye toward the feeling of ‘The Office.’ The humor isn’t in your face. It’s just subtle, knowing, and something everyone can understand,” said Dax Parise, President. “We can’t wait for the next episodes.”

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