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VITAC Announces Acquisition of Canada-based SOVO Technologies

VITAC Corp., the largest provider of captioning and media accessibility services in the United States, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Montréal, Canada-based SOVO Technologies, a leading provider of captioning and transcription services to clients in North America and Europe.

The acquisition of SOVO further strengthens VITAC’s position as a leader in the captioning and communications accessibility industry, and immediately enhances its live, offline, and transcription service offerings. It also extends VITAC’s ability to handle a growing client demand and new client service requests in 2020.

“This acquisition expands our geographic footprint in North America, and also provides important new resources and capabilities for our clients,” said Chris Crowell, VITAC’s chief executive officer. “I’m excited about this addition, and I look forward to working together as one company in delivery of the best captioning and accessibility services.”

The acquisition boosts the number of VITAC captioners in the eastern time zones of the United States and Canada, and strengthens its French language capabilities.

Going forward, SOVO will be known as SOVO, a division of VITAC.

“We’re thrilled to be joining VITAC,” said Serge Forest, president of SOVO Technologies. “The acquisition represents an outstanding outcome for all involved, and combining our resources and capabilities means our clients can expect to receive an even broader set of top-quality services.”


VITAC Corp. is the largest provider of realtime and offline captioning products and services in the United States. Responsible for captioning more than 580,000 hours of programming each year, its clients include every major broadcasting company and most cable networks as well as program producers, corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

About SOVO

SOVO Technologies is a leading provider for live and offline captioning and transcription services. With access to its own technology based on artificial intelligence and speech recognition, and with its team of experts, SOVO achieves unmatched performance in high-quality captioning and realtime transcription.

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