VITAC and Take 1 Webinar Set for Oct. 5

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There’s never been more demand for content. With channels and platforms featuring programs for almost every taste, our way of watching shows, accessing news, and engaging with media and entertainment is continually evolving.

Consumers being able to access a plethora of programming at a moment’s notice means the demand for content is higher and that content creators and post-production companies are under immense pressure to meet deadlines. In our fast-paced world, time spent worrying over file compatibility issues or piecing together different services is time lost. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of searching for different vendors for different requirements for different platforms, you could work instead with one partner who can help you identify what services you need and deliver it in one streamlined workflow?

We think so, too. That’s why VITAC is thrilled to announce our latest webinar – “Transcription to Localization and More: Streamlining the 21st Century Workflow” – on Oct. 5 at 12 noon EST.

The webinar, featuring our sister company, Take 1, will discuss:

  • How a quality transcription or captioning service provider can help you ensure your content is prepared for viewing on any platform
  • Why working with service providers who specialize in more than one service can simplify your workflow
  • What a “follow the sun” model means for your timeline and speeding up every step of your production process

Our webinar will feature guest speakers Claire Brown and Darryn Cleary, who are experts in media and entertainment transcription, localization, and accessibility.

Claire Brown is Take 1’s Vice President of Global Sales and has 20 years of experience working across multiple disciplines in the digital media and broadcast industry, from TV production to playout, media management, localization, and access services.

Darryn Cleary is VITAC’s Senior Vice President of Sales, and his more than 30 years of industry and captioning production experience gives him the unique perspective to help meet clients’ needs.

Learn from the experts how to simplify your workflows, speed up production, and increase your audience base with customized captioning, transcription, and localization solutions for your every project need. Click here to learn more and register.