Verbal Intelligence AI Leader Verbit Names Yair Amsterdam as CEO 

Jun 26 2024 VITAC
Photo of Yair Amsterdam, a bold man with glasses wearing a blue shirt

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Verbit, the world’s leading verbal intelligence platform, is proud to announce that Yair Amsterdam has been appointed as its chief executive officer. Amsterdam had been serving as Verbit’s interim CEO since February and previously served as Verbit’s COO and President since 2022. VITAC is part of the Verbit family of companies.

“Yair demonstrated his operational expertise and discipline as Verbit’s COO/President over the last few years,” said board member Rob Schwartz, Managing Partner, Third Point Ventures. “Since he stepped up as interim CEO in 1Q24, the Board has come to realize that Yair is a capable CEO and far more than just a business operator. He has a vision of what Verbit can become and is fully committed to driving that vision with timely industry leading AI-powered products delivered to Verbit’s customers and partners. Progress has already begun, and I can’t wait to see what Verbit can achieve guided by Yair’s steady hand.” 

A seasoned senior executive with nearly two decades of leadership experience, Amsterdam has a proven track record of driving positive change and operational excellence in the technology and software sectors. Amsterdam’s appointment furthers Verbit’s strategic transformation as the global leader in AI-based speech technology and accessibility, enabling the company to continue focusing on customer successes.  

This year, under Amsterdam’s leadership, Verbit has launched a series of key innovations and partnerships for its customers, including: 

  • Captivate™, Verbit’s next generation proprietary, highly trained AI-powered captioning and transcription technology, which provides accurate, affordable solutions that can be tailored to specific customer needs. 
  • Legal Real-Time, which revolutionizes court reporting by combining AI and an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that streamlines digital court reporters’ work, providing accurate live transcription during depositions, hearings, arbitrations, examinations, trials and other legal proceedings. This innovative solution provides increased efficiency to court reporters while offering real-time access to attorneys. 
  • A strategic partnership with broadcast solutions provider ENCO that gives Verbit’s media customers additional choice for hardware encoders and cloud captioning, providing broadcasters a range of options for caption connectivity, quality, reliability and delivery. 

Verbit is also extending its leadership position beyond transcription with its suite of insight-generating applications, called Gen.V™. Leveraging generative AI, Gen.V enables customers to unlock greater value from their transcripts by providing actionable insights, helping them make words work. 

“I am honored to serve as Verbit’s CEO,” said Amsterdam. “As the leader in verbal intelligence, we are committed to innovating and bringing to market new AI technologies that help our customers achieve their goals and business objectives.”