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Keep current with all the latest VITAC, accessibility, and industry news, updates, and happenings.

Posts Tagged ‘behind the scenes’

Celebrating the Season at HDS

The holidays never fail to bring the best out in people and, for the past 22 years, VITAC and its employees have been embracing this season’s joy, warmth, and charity as a proud participant in the Angel Gift exchange program and holiday party at the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services (HDS) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.…

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Vice Media: Find Your Tribe, Tell Your Story, and I’ll Caption It.

by Sarah McPartland, Senior Offline Captioner ©   The road to becoming an Offline Captioner is somewhat like going back to school. You spend roughly four to six weeks perfecting your writing skills, add math into the mix at some point, then become a pro once you’ve researched and verified some obscure name no one’s ever…

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Television Until You Caption It

by Johnathan Moore 1.  You will forever rate how difficult a show would be to caption. Five excitable celebrity chefs talking in unison and switching places on screen? Bring it on. 2.  Your inner monologue will begin speaking in captions and sound effects. Offline captioner DJ Shoemaker says, “I will never hear a phone ring…

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Offline Hurdles: The Power of Briefs

Yelling frustrations into smartphones has become an almost daily part of life. As we hurriedly zip out texts, this function has the tendency to take the reins and skew meaning in annoying, sometimes hilarious, ways. By taking control of this system, offline captioners greatly increase productivity, convenience, and peace of mind in their contribution to…

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VITAC Behind the Scenes: The Finance Department’s Accounting Assistants

Spotlighting the work of Fran Zvonkovich, Lori Faraoni, Donna Fraser, and Joyce Matthews in Accounting. Last time we met, Todd Osleger gave us just a peak into his role as a Senior Offline Captioner at VITAC. This week, we travel downstairs to Accounting Lane for a look at the roles that Accounting Assistants Fran Zvonkovich, Lori Faraoni, Donna Fraser,…

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VITAC Behind the Scenes: Senior Offline Captioner Todd Osleger

Behind the Scenes with Senior Offline Captioner Todd Osleger   In the closed captioning industry and at VITAC, there is always something happening Behind the Scenes! This week, on the heels of our look into our Systems Support Specialist, David Rosales‘s day to day operations, we focus in on the faces (and fingers) behind our offline services.  Offline captioning…

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VITAC Behind the Scenes: Systems Support Specialist David Rosales

Behind the Scenes with Systems Support Specialist David Rosales     Welcome back to Behind the Scenes: a blog series dedicated to shedding some light on the many faces that make up the VITAC team and help contribute to our “no worries” attitude.  Last week, we met up with Multi-Language Services (MLS) Project Coordinator Dana Kerkentzes to get…

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VITAC Behind the Scenes: MLS Project Coordinator Dana Kerkentzes

Behind The Scenes with Dana Kerkentzes We’ve decided to bring back our popular Behind the Scenes blog series. Last Summer, we left off with Multi-Language Specialist and Spanish Supervisor Chris Hyde. VITAC’s Multi-Language Subtitling team are experts at translation and the creation of subtitles in over 50 languages for niche customers. Our highly skilled Multi-Language team includes EML…

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