Sharing Holiday Cheer (and Some Really Great Gifts) at HDS

By: David Titmus
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The holidays never fail to bring out the best in people and, for the past 24 years, VITAC and its employees have embraced this season’s joy, warmth, and charity as a proud participant in the Angel Gift exchange program and holiday party at the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services (HDS).

HDS is southwestern Pennsylvania’s only comprehensive service center, providing a wide variety of quality diagnostic, rehabilitative, and supportive services to meet the unique challenges of children and adults who are deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing. The center also strives to increase independence and enhance the quality of life for those individuals.

Group photo of VITAC and HDS staff

HDS is VITAC’s chosen holiday charity, and we are proud to keep the tradition going this year by sharing laughter, friendship, and festive cheer (and some really cool gifts!) with the center’s clients.

A list of HDS client names and gift suggestions was shared with VITAC staff late last month. VITAC employees selected a name and added them to their shopping list, with many often choosing the same recipient year after year. In addition to gifts, VITAC gives an annual holiday donation to the center.

Caption Quality Assurance Analyst Karlee Williston, Business Development Representative Cody Williams, Senior Offline Captioner James Elkins, and Public Relations Manager Dave Titmus did their best Santa impersonations, distributing gifts and meeting with staff and clients.

Collage of photos from HDS event, including people opening gifts.

HDS clients and staff always know how to throw a great holiday party, and this year was no exception! The party room was adorned with holiday lights and colorful decorations, and there seemed to be endless trays of delicious homemade cookies and sweets (and we didn’t even mention the awesome lunch!).

After an upbeat, signed performance of “Dominick the Donkey,” “Silent Night,” and “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” it was time to hand out the dozens of gifts VITAC employees had purchased. The gifts — which included clothes, jewelry, gift cards, craft items, books, winter hats, gloves, coffee makers, and all things Pittsburgh sports-related — were a huge hit!

We would like to offer a great big “Thanks!” to everyone at VITAC who donated to such a worthwhile event. Your generosity brought happiness and many wide smiles to some of the most deserving people this holiday season.