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Refreshed VITAC Website Includes New Features, Revamped ‘Customer Corner,’ and Answers to your Questions

If you’ve tried picking up a few items at the local home improvement store these past few weekends (or, better yet, tried to find an empty parking space in their crowded lots), you know that spring cleaning season is upon us. Well, we noticed it, too, and decided to do a little upkeep ourselves.

VITAC has a new online look. We’ve updated a number of our pages to give them a fresher, brighter feel, added some new features, such as a revamped “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page (more on that below), and improved our site navigation, all designed to give our visitors a better viewing experience and expanded access to information. home screenWe’ve added intuitive, user-friendly navigation tools with easy-to-read drop-down menus that allow visitors to quickly find information, including details on VITAC services and offeringsregulatory updates, and career and contact information. Our news page has a cleaner look as well, with brighter headlines and an easier way to peruse past articles.

Clients also can visit our expanded “Customer Corner” section, which includes a number of VITAC resources, downloadable PDFs, and on-demand webinars; technical bulletins and release notes; and caption ordering information and credit application forms.

And, as the largest provider of closed captioning services in the United States, we often get questions about the services we provide, how captions work, and what to do if you have general concerns about the captions you see.

If you’re a viewer experiencing issues with the appearance of your captions or, perhaps, are just curious about the world of closed captioning, we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions from viewers to help resolve any issues you may have as quickly as possible.

Ever wonder where and how to raise a concern over captions? You can register your concern with the FCC, or contact the video programming distributor or broadcaster. Want to change the color, size, or general appearance of your captions? Many televisions and cable or satellite provider menus have the option to change the appearance of captions, and they’re often accessible right from your remote. FAQ Page screenshotAnd if you’re thinking about ordering captioning or another service from VITAC, we’ve also compiled an FAQ for potential and current clients. How much does it cost to caption a video? Well, that depends on different factors, including program length, the volume of work, turnaround times, and caption styles. Interested in captions in different languages? Closed captions essentially can be created for any language that uses Roman characters, most commonly in English, Spanish, French, Italian, or German.

Check out our new FAQ pages (here and here) or, as always, feel free to contact us directly in case you were not able to find your answer.

We believe that captioning is changing the world for the better — making it more inclusive and enriching content in ways that enhance everyone’s enjoyment and engagement. Our hope is that by exploring visitors will gain a better sense of what accessibility for all and accessibility for life mean to us.

We hope you enjoy our newly refreshed website as much as we do!

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