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Order Instructions

Internet Captioning Order Site Instructions

These instructions will walk you through the ordering process step-by-step.

Please review and/or download the instructions when placing your next captioning order(s). Download instructions here.

1. Log into

2. Next, you’ll be redirected to the welcome page. On this page, you may:

3. To place an order, select “Order New Captioning Services” in the middle of the page, or you can also place orders through the “Order Captioning” button in the top menu.

4. Fill in all of the information you know about your upcoming event.

5. Start your order with contact information.

6. Enter the date, time and duration of your event.

7. Choose where our captions are being sent.

Order Site screenshot-Facility Options-ICS Streamer ONLY

8. Please use the “Notes for Captioner” field to send important information ahead of time to your assigned captioner. Helpful information includes: speaker names, links to event/meeting agendas and terms and acronyms specific to your event. Click “Next” to move on.


9. Enter your event title and details.

10. Enter event information. Meeting Link, Conference Phone Number, and Access Code are not required at the time of booking, but we will need either a link or phone number at least 30 minutes before the start of the event.

11. The remaining information on this page is not required.

12. Click “Next” and review your event details.

13. IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee event with less than 2 business days’ notice. We will do our best to meet your deadline, but if we can’t secure a captioner in time, you and all of the additional contacts you provided will be notified via email.

14. If all information appears correctly, select “Submit Order.”

15. A confirmation email will go out to all of the email addresses you provided.

16. Once you place an order and view it from the calendar under the “Caption Schedule,” you will now see your event title, rather than the event id. You can edit or cancel the event from here.