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Nov 2 2020 David Titmus
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As you likely have noticed, our VITAC website looks a little (OK, a lot) different.

We’re proud to introduce to you the new The revamped site features new content and images, updated service offerings, captioning instructions, tutorials, and easy-to-read pages that will help you find what you’re looking for and understand how we can help you reach your accessibility needs.

It was designed with you, our clients and visitors, in mind, and provides a better user experience regardless of whether you’re viewing on a desktop PC, tablet, or mobile device. Our goal was to make it simple to learn about our services and solutions and enable you to easily browse the site to find information on your own.

Screenshot of homepage, highlighting the 'how we can help" section.

Highlights include:

  • Services pages that detail our wide range of live, offline, Spanish, and multi-language captioning offerings as well as our audio description and transcription services and remote meeting and social media caption integrations, making sure no one is left out of the conversation.
  • Industry Solutions pages – arranged by sector – that provide a wealth of information on how clients in the media and entertainment, corporate, education, government, and event and conference center industries can use captions to better communicate with and engage their audiences, make their content and messages inclusive for all, and satisfy accessibility requirements.
  • An updated News section that features cleaner designs and new category selections that make it easier to keep up with current announcements and happenings.
  • An in-depth Resources page that features a slew of downloadable PDFs, tech notes, white papers, webinars, case studies, ebooks, and client and viewer FAQs. It also provides an overview of important regulations, including captioning rules for TV and IP/web and highlights of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sections 504 and 508, and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The new also features a number of new service guarantees:

  • Our Realtime Right Guarantee™ for live captions means you can rely on our decades of experience in providing accurate and reliable captions. We’ll meet your needs and make sure you comply with accessibility requirements.
  • Our Post Right Guarantee™ for offline captions promises top-quality captions as well as flexible scheduling and quick project turnarounds (because we know that every second counts in post-production).
  • Our Corporate Accessibility Impact Program™ helps you create a strong company through inclusion. Our wide service offerings – live and prerecorded captioning, multi-language solutions, audio description, and transcription – help you make accessible everything from live conferences and corporate events to webinars, staff meetings, and team calls.
  • Our Reach Further Program™ for education customers is dedicated to helping you connect with a larger learner base. The program helps you create more inclusive opportunities for students while keeping you in compliance with ADA, Section 508, and Section 504 regulations.

Steno and Voice captioner sit side by sideOur goal is to make your life easier and give you peace of mind in all of your captioning and accessibility related projects. That’s why these guarantees and programs are supported by real human captioning experts and a dedicated team of engineering, sales, and technical support professionals, available 24/7 to handle your requests.

We believe that captioning is changing the world for the better — making it more inclusive and enriching content in ways that enhance everyone’s enjoyment and engagement. Our hope is that by exploring the new, visitors will gain a better sense of what accessibility for all and accessibility for life mean to us.

We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do!

Want to get started? It’s easier than ever to contact us. Simply visit the Contact page, or click the orange “Order Captions Now” button at the top of each page.