19 Aug 2021 David Titmus

Guide: Three Ways to Improve Accuracy in Closed Captions

It’s no secret – humans create the most accurate closed captions, and VITAC provides more human-generated captions than anyone else. However, there are steps that we can take together to make the captions you see even better.

Check out our newest free guide, “Three Ways to Improve Accuracy in Closed Captions,” that outlines a few things that you – the caption customer – can do to make sure that you receive only the best-quality captions. This includes sharing preparation materials, supplying a clear audio source, and scheduling your program or event in advance. The guide also details how we – the captioners – use the preparation materials you share to supplement our own research. (You can read our other guides, ebooks, and case studies under the “Solutions” tab on our “Resources” page.)

By working together, we can ensure that only the best, most-accurate captions show up on your screen, whether it be on a television, computer, or mobile device.