11 Apr 2017 VITAC

Are You Making Your Stadium Accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Fans?

Whether you’re creating accessible sporting events, concerts, speeches, conventions, shows, or anything else, there’s a way to include everyone. Don’t let ADA requirements throw you a curveball. Throw a hail Mary for accessibility and start captioning your event-center programming. With lawsuits for accessibility becoming more common by the day, we thought we’d share with you some of the perks of captioning your stadium events.

The DOJ has indicated in past lawsuits that what is announced over the PA system include captioning, such as:

  • All play descriptions, scoring, and player information
  • Referee and penalty announcements
  • In-game promotions, contests, and entertainment action
  • Advertising and commercials
  • Emergency messaging
  • Song lyrics
  • End-of-game announcements and next-event information

By captioning your events in these spaces, not only do you account for the deaf and hard of hearing, but those times when the crowd may drown out PA announcements or any of the hundreds of other distractions pulling for attention. The solution is simple: meet federal requirements, broaden your audience, serve your fans, and relax.

VITAC, the country’s largest provider of closed captioning services, is ready to help you meet ADA requirements and bring the country inclusive games and events.

Our exclusive Even Center Solution connects our skilled employee captioners with your scoreboard, ribbon board, and/or in-stadium CCTV system. We also stream captions to a URL, allowing your fans to access the captions on their mobile phones or tablets. Join the over 50 teams and stadiums creating inclusive experiences for everyone in attendance. VITAC has helped the Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, and Colorado Rockies, among others, make their games accessible. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our exclusive offering and low-priced solutions.