Advancing Accessibility: Security a Top Priority

By: David Titmus
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More than ever, there is a critical need in today’s business world for enhanced security and protective measures to safeguard the confidential information of a company and its clients and employees. One only needs to skim the headlines to see stories of security breaches and widespread information theft.

We at VITAC persistently take our clients’ security and confidentiality needs seriously, and apply a high degree of importance to our management and protection of customer information and data. We design our networks, workflows, and applications to meet high security standards, and continuously work to improve our systems and practices to provide the most secure environment.

To that end, we utilize in-house-developed applications following our standardized software development life cycle, secure and purpose-built systems and network environments, and technology practices that strive to meet the high-level standards of our customers and industry.

VITAC’s experienced technology and security staff actively:

●  maintains our security applications, environments, and practices;

●  implements prioritized security enhancements; and

●  routinely collaborates with industry specialists to assess and implement recommendations that make sense for our business and clients.

Caption Security

In terms of captioning, every VITAC employee understands the sensitivity of the information we see each and every day – whether it be the season-ending cliffhanger of a high-profile television show or an internal corporate webinar – and we go to great lengths to ensure our clients’ security.

Our operations floor is key-card protected, and our networks feature complex interdepartmental systems permissions, keeping sensitive files open only to those who require access. We also keep drives, such as USB ports, locked down and keep computers from recognizing flash drives. There are also an abundance of security measures and secure portals in place for remote employees.

For some events, shows, and programs, sequestered teams are created for the entire series with watermarked videos, and projects can include non-disclosure agreements, code names, or even discrete computer setups to restrict exposure to passersby. While we like to promote the exciting work we do, there are plenty of corporations, studios, and projects with which we don’t acknowledge involvement to protect the client’s security.

Further, VITAC in 2017 rolled out VITAC Power Connect™ (VPC), a first-of-its-kind cloud service that hardwires continuous programming from realtime captioners to live broadcasting encoders. Among VPC’s many attributes is an additional level of security implementing heightened encryption gateways between captioners and encoders to ensure the safest available data transfer.


VITAC works closely with clients to address individual security needs and concerns, and takes any steps necessary to deliver enhanced security to those who want additional protections. We go the extra mile to make sure every customer is covered, from the largest media companies to the smallest start-ups, and maintain an active security awareness training program for all employees.

Though we believe our current measures are second to none in our industry, we always are looking to bolster our security, and remain committed to updates and improvements to protect client data.